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Best TENS Machines For Sciatica And Fibromyalgia
Anyone who has had the misfortune of experiencing sciatica and/or fibromyalgia knows how debilitating these two conditions are, and the degree to which they can impact the body’s day-to-day functioning.

Technically, sciatica is a pain that originates along the sciatic nerve of the lower extremity, and is characterized by hot, throbbing flashes of pain that are felt at the hips and buttocks and are carried right down to the feet and ankles.Fibromyalgia, on the other hand is pain that shoots off tender points in the soft tissues, more commonly the upper back and neck. Irrespective of the condition you are plagued with, the pain is sufficiently intense to render performing even simple, daily tasks burdensome.

Fortunately, there are ways in which this daily menace can be tackled and your sciatic/fibromyalgia pain soothed. One of those is to use a TENS machine – a safe, non-addictive alternative to traditional remedies like painkillers, it is a simple and effective tool that can be used in the comfort of your home.

What Is a TENS machine?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. This machine uses low-voltage electric pulses to stimulate your sciatic nerve, and relieve you of your sciatic/fibromyalgia pain. By pumping low levels of electricity into the areas of your body where the pain is felt, it results in the production of endorphins, also known as the “feel-good-chemical,” a natural painkiller produced by the body.

Easy to find easy to use, TENS machines are extremely cost-effective and come in various forms – from the entry-level machines starting as low as under $40 to the high-end variants priced at $199 and above.

Things Know Before Using a TENS Machine

While TENS machines are available in the market and can be purchased by virtually anybody, it is advisable to first consult the physician before buying one.

If you have any of the following conditions, be sure to get the opinion of your doctor before using a TENS machine:

  • Acute disease
  • Tumour
  • Pregnancy
  • Heart disease
  • Lack of skin sensation or anomalous skin condition (people with skin allergies, hypersensitive must be cautious before opting for a TENS machine)
  • You have had a surgery recently
  • Have epilepsy
  • Any other condition that requires regular supervision of a physician
  • Are not certain about the cause of your pain

How to Choose the Right TENS machine

With a variety of TENS models available on the market today, it can be a challenge finding the one that is just right for you. While a host of features are on offer by most units, here are the 5 best TENS machines you should consider:

  1. Pure Enrichment PurePulse Pro TENS Machine
    This clinically proven, pocket-sized machine is the go-to electronic pulse massager for most physical therapists, and can be an excellent choice for treating chronic pain in various parts of your body. It comes with everything you need to get started on your electronic massage therapy – electronic pulse massage, 4 electrode pads, 2 lead connector wires, clip holder, 2 AAA batteries, and a travel and storage bag.

    What makes it so effective?

    • Boasts of 25 different therapeutic intensity levels which makes it a sweeping choice for different kinds of people requiring treatment for different muscle groups – from low-intensity attention needed for sensitive areas to high-intensity stimulations for larger muscle groups
    • Has 8 settings you can choose from to treat individual body parts, and comes with a timer and an LCD display that makes customizing your treatment hassle-free
    • The sticky electrode pads are easy to clean and store
    • It is FDA-approved is stamped with a 2-year warranty
  2. NURSAL Touch Screen TENS Machine
    Complete with an advanced touch-screen design and 20 intensity levels, the NURSAL Touch Screen TENS model is the perfect combination of utility and high-end technology rolled into one. Accessorized with 8 standard sticky electrode pads, it is among the top choices due to:

    • Lean and compact design which makes it more portable than other TENS machines
    • A high-definition LCD which makes navigation easy for the young and old alike
    • Charges just like a smartphone, but a battery that endures far more
    • Combines the EMS and TENS unit with nine nodes that helps alleviate your pain quickly and efficiently
  3. Gold TechCare Mini Massager TENS Machine
    This TENS model may just be the right choice for you, if you’re looking for an affordable yet effective option.Priced at only $29.65, this machine a top cost-effective choice.

    Features include:

    • Contains 2 large electrode pads, which works well for targeted muscle pain such as lower back aches
    • Has a volley of features you can make use of, such as acupuncture, tapping, deep tissue, foot, cupping and combo
    • An adjustable timer and a rechargeable internal lithium battery that can last up to 20 hours of continuous use
    • Backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and 30 days Money Back Guarantee

    While it does make room for 10 pre-programmed massage modes, these are not as customizable as the other models discussed. Nevertheless, if experimenting with drug-free alternatives for your sciatica/fibromyalgia while staying within the budget is a consideration, this could potentially work wonders for you.

  4. HealthmateForever YK15AB
    Put together with 15 massage modes and 20 levels of intensity, and one of the easiest navigation panels to boast of, this TENS model can easily be considered a top choice among users.

    What makes this model great?

    • Features clearly-labelled buttons for different body parts, such as “Neck”, “Shoulder”, “Hip”, “Foot”, and so on (this makes it an excellent choice for the elderly)
    • Large LCD that displays all necessary information to start your massage therapy
    • Combines both PMS and TENS, as well as traditional Chinese medicine which assists in not just pain alleviation, but recovery and healing
    • Can be held together by a belt clip which makes it easy to carry around
  5. iReliev TENS Unit
    Looking for a TENS machine that promises quality, portability, lasts long and is affordable? The iReliev ET-1313 TENS Electronic Pulse Massager may just be the right fit for your specific needs.

    Features include:

    • 25 levels of intensity and pre-programmed therapy modes
    • Dual channel feature whereby you can choose 4 pads for a large muscle part or 2 small pads for a smaller area
    • Auto-lock feature which turns the device off when not in use
    • An LCD display which shows program modes, power levels, battery life, intensity output and more

    Want to learn more about TENS machines, and how to find the right one for your specific needs? Call Dynamic Physiotherapy at 289-201-2435 or contact us here.

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