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Shin Splints (Periostitis And Compartment Syndrome) Treatment

Shin-SplintsShin splints produce pain in the lower leg. There is inflammation in the compartment and usually occurs in muscles that attach to the tibial bone. Shin splints make up approximately 20% of running injuries and affect more women than men. Shin splints can also occurs often in dancers and military personnel. If left untreated shin splints can progress to a stress fracture along the tibial bone. It often occurs in athletes who have recently intensified or changed their exercise routines.

Causes of Shin Splints
  • Overuse or repetitive use
  • Overtraining
  • Poor techniques while running on hard uneven surfaces
  • Improper footwear
  • Direct trauma to the compartment or shin
Signs and symptoms of Shin Splints
  • You may note tenderness, soreness or pain along the inner part of your bone of the lower leg
  • Mild swelling in the lower leg
  • Pain may stop when running or exercising, eventually however the pain may be continuous
Risk factors of Shin Splints
  • You’re a runner
  • Athletes who play on hard surfaces with sudden stops and starts
  • Run on uneven terrain, such as hills
  • Flat feet or high arches
Treatment of Shin Splints
  • Treatment of shin splints would involve initially reducing pain, reducing swelling that may contribute to the pain and reducing inflammation
  • Therapy will focus on proper stretching and stretching exercises
  • Examine and evaluate whether proper footwear would benefit, such as a good supportive running shoe with possibly a custom foot orthotic

If you have any questions about Shin Splints, contact our staff at Dynamic Physiotherapy.


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