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Scar Tissue/Adhesion Treatment

These programs are designed to assist those whose mobility and function have diminished due to injuries, lifestyle changes or their jobs. Adhesion/scar tissue treatments tend to be more aggressive techniques and can be somewhat painful. It is a manual treatment that involves muscle stripping, fascial stretching and friction treatment. These techniques are often deeper treatments and are needed to break up adhesions and scar tissue that restrict and limit not only range of motion but ability to perform tasks that many take for granted. The body is designed to adapt to changes whether voluntary or involuntary. Imagine sitting for indefinite periods of time day after day. Your body will soon lose muscle mass as your body senses less requirements for movements.  Over a sustained period of time scars and adhesions begin to form further limiting function and movement. If you have any questions about scar tissue/adhesion treatment please contact our staff at Dynamic Physiotherapy.


Does my insurance cover all expenses?

This depends on your individual insurance plan through your employer. Most insurance coverages cover 100% (although some cover 80% or 90%). Most plans usually have a limit per year. When you book an appointment we can help by calling your insurance to check the coverage of your plan.

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