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Compression StockingCompression socks are a specialized type of hosiery made of a strong elastic fabric. With more tension than traditional socks, they provide a gradient level of pressure against the leg. This pressure is stronger towards the ankle and gradually decrease towards the top, encouraging healthy blood flow to and from the legs and feet. The gradient pressure prevent and improves the symptoms of venous conditions in the lower extremities while controlling swelling and preventing blood pooling.

Venous conditions occur when the valves within the veins are not able to close properly. These valves open and close to push blood back up to the heart but when they malfunction, blood can flow back down into the legs causing problems such as swelling, enlarged veins, blood clots, varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, venous ulcers, and deep vein thrombosis.

Compression socks are available in three different levels of support to treat patients with a variety of conditions and needs:

Available off the shelf, mild support compression socks exert a force of 15-50mmHg. Designed to relieve tired and aching legs or minor swelling or the ankle or leg, this socks are not suitable for more advanced venous conditions

Medium support compression socks provide somewhat more pressure in the range of 20-30mmHg. These socks require a medical referral and provide additional support for moderate swelling of the leg or ankle due to venous conditions or hormonal changes caused by pregnancy.

Firm support compression socks offer even more pressure, up to 40mmHg, and are designed for more severe swelling or venous conditions.

With compression socks we can:

  • Reduce the symptoms of varicose and spider veins
  • Treat chronic venous insufficiency
  • Relieve swelling caused by pregnancy
  • Reduce the swelling associated with diabetes
  • Soothe tired, aching, and fatigued legs
  • Relieve swollen feet, ankles, and legs
  • Make standing for long period more comfortable
  • Improve athletic performance

Committed to providing the best possible treatment plan for all our patients, our services extend far beyond the usual scope of a physiotherapy clinic. Working diligently to ensure your comfort, our staff of regulated health professionals will ensure your comfort and create a program tailored to your unique needs.

Our specialties include:

  • Physiotherapy – Used to increase muscle mobility, movement and rehabilitation
  • Acupuncture – A traditional method of alleviating and controlling pain
  • Compression socks – Specialized hosiery worn to prevent and treat the symptoms of venous disorders
  • Foot orthotics – Provides support to even out weight distribution on the foot, improving the condition of knees, ankles, legs, and backs
  • Shockwave therapy – Treat injuries in areas where major connective tissues attach to the bone

Leaders in the field of physiotherapy and acupuncture in Ontario, we have been trusted to heal families and individuals since 1996 because:

  • We are committed to maintaining our reputation for successfully treating patients of all ages while providing a positive healing experience
  • Trained in a variety of pain management techniques, we will do everything we can to make you more comfortable during your rehabilitation
  • All of our staff are Regulated Health Professionals
  • Every program we create is designed to comply with Ontario’s health and safety regulations
  • As one of the few facilities in the province to offer Shockwave Therapy, Spinal Decompression, and Acuscope Pain Management System, we provide a larger range of services to meet your every need
  • It doesn’t matter how you acquired your injury, our expert staff can design a program to help you recover

Dynamic Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic Inc. also offers the following products:

  • Braces – Used to alleviate immobile or hypermobile joints, braces are available for knees, ankles, back and wrists
  • Supports – Orthopedic supports improve posture and help stabilize your back and spine
  • Pillows – Orthopedic pillows can reduce snoring and also help improve your posture while you sleep
  • TENS Machines – TENS, or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, devices are battery operated, portable, pain management devices used to alleviate pain and facilitate healing
  • Exercise Balls – Used to strengthen your core and associated muscle groups, exercise balls will give you a complex workout

For more information on how compression socks can help alleviate and control the symptoms of venous disorders, talk to the experts at Dynamic Physiotherapy today!



Is direct billing available to insurance?

Direct billing is available to some insurance companies. Currently most plans from Sunlife, Great West Life and Manulife (beginning Jan.1.14) offer direct billing. All insurance plans related to Motor Vehicle Accident claims allow direct billing. If the claim is an accident that is work related, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board also allows direct billing.

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