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What to Expect

Upon your initial visit to our facility you will be required to fill out a patient intake form as well as a health history form. You will also be assessed by a Regulated Health Professional for the service that is being provided. All our paramedical services such as Physiotherapy, Massage therapy, and acupuncture are provided by experienced and Regulated Health Professionals.

What does this mean for you? You will be assessed by a Regulated Health Professional who is trained in their respective field and treated with courtesy and professionalism. If you have an insurance claim or an accident we can help to process your claim with the required claim forms. Our facilities are clean, conveniently located and are equipped with modern equipment.

What Sets us Apart?

  1. We are Dynamic Physiotherapy conceived in 1996 and successfully treating clients of all ages. Physiotherapist owned and operated to provide a positive treatment experience. Each client is assessed and treatment plans are prepared individually for your condition. As well we will only recommend services and/or products that will help facilitate your healing or help manage your pain and symptoms.
  2. All our service providers are Regulated in the Province of Ontario with professional training in their respective field.
  3. If you have an insurance claims we can often submit these claim forms electronically on your behalf (provided your insurance allows this). Our staff will often help to check coverage options and help to fill out necessary insurance forms.
  4. Our facilities are clean and very well equipped. Our Mississauga location has Spinal Decompression, Acuscope and recently Shockwave Therapy (Equipment that is both modern and designed to provide much faster healing results). Most facilities seldom have this equipment.
  5. Our staff is helpful courteous and respectful, providing services to help speed the recovery process and provide an atmosphere of trust.
  6. We have many types of programmes that are specific to the type of condition (although each program is developed for each individual).

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