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Dynamic Physiotherapy aims to provide the most in-depth, successful and beneficial treatment possible, for a wide range of conditions affecting every area of the body. Our experienced Regulated Health Professionals will examine your conditions and provide a comprehensive recovery and rehabilitation plan.

Dynamic physiotherapy professionals examine your conditions

Dynamic Physiotherapy prides itself in treating a wide range of conditions and ailments, from chronic pain and repetitive strain injuries to nerve damage and bone fractures. Read on to see how our Regulated Health Professionals can diagnose your injury and design a recovery plan for you.

Foot conditions can be painful and debilitating, and in extreme cases even prevent a patient from walking. Because you’re on your feet everyday, aches and pains can quickly become aggravated or intensified. At Dynamic Physiotherapy, our staff has extensive experience dealing with a range of common, and uncommon foot conditions, and can help ensure that you’re walking normally as soon as possible.

The knee is one of the largest and most complex joints in the body, and arguably the most important. Injuries to the knee are fairly common, and the team at Dynamic Physiotherapy is well-equipped to deal with knee conditions relating to the nerves, muscles, ligaments and bones in the knee.

Hip and back conditions can affect a patient’s ability to walk, stand, sit or lie down. At Dynamic Physiotherapy, we’ve seen many slow, natural wear and tear conditions, and many sudden, debilitating hip and back injuries as well. You can trust the experts at Dynamic Physiotherapy to identify and treat your hip or back injury quickly and effectively.

At Dynamic Physiotherapy, we’re able to treat head and neck injuries affecting one’s muscles and nerves, in addition to ailments such as headaches, migraines and whiplash. A head injury can affect one’s immediate well-being, in addition to their ability to focus and concentrate, and at Dynamic Physiotherapy, we treat head and neck injuries with the utmost care.

The Regulated Health Professionals at Dynamic Physiotherapy are extremely well-versed in shoulder injuries from the workplace, from sports activities, and from normal wear and tear. At Dynamic Physiotherapy, treatment of shoulder injuries, and rotator cuff injuries in particular is often quite successful.

Elbow and hand injuries have a significant effect on one’s day to day activity and quality of life, which is why the experts at Dynamic Physiotherapy work to ensure your comfort, and the highest quality care when treating a range of hand and elbow injuries and conditions.

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This depends on your individual insurance plan through your employer. Most insurance coverages cover 100% (although some cover 80% or 90%). Most plans usually have a limit per year. When you book an appointment we can help by calling your insurance to check the coverage of your plan.

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