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PesCavus (High Arches)/Claw foot Treatment

PesCavus Treatment PesCavus is a deformity of the foot which causes a high arch that is relatively stiff and tight. The tightening of the arch can lead to continued pain and instability of the foot as the muscles and ligaments tighten around the bones of the foot causing a ‘high arch’. PesCavus or high arch of the foot does not flatten when weight bearing. PesCavus can be caused by an imbalance of the muscles of the foot, where the agonist muscles (initiators of moment) overpower the antagonist muscles (the opposing muscles) thereby leading to high arches of the foot.

Signs and Symptoms of PesCavus

  • Main complaints of PesCavus are pain, instability and difficulty with walking, running or sports and can be adversely affected if improper footwear is worn
  • There tends to be other deformities present such as ‘claw toes’, increased calcaneal angle (which refers to the angle of the foot either being more flat), and cocked toe

Treatment of PesCavus

  • If PesCavus is caught early or before the condition has the opportunity to progress then a proper stretching program of selected muscles of the foot would be recommended in order to delay or possibly stop the conditions progression
  • Most cases of PesCavus are idiopathic or unknown and in these cases the recommended treatment would be therapy in which specific muscles of the foot would be stretched
  • As well treatment would consist of reduce tight muscles, reducing pain and reducing any swelling if present
  • In some cases of PesCavus custom foot orthotics would be recommended in order to help reduce symptoms of the condition

If you have any questions about PesCavus, contact our staff at Dynamic Physiotherapy.

High Arches Treatment

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