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Pes Planus (Flat Foot) Treatment

Flat feet or Pes Planus is deemed a medial (inner) longitudinal arch that has pronated the hindfoot.

Pes Planus can be either functional (temporary) or structural (permanent). Functional Pes Planus represents ligament laxity or muscle weakness as a contributor of the condition. Structural Pes Planus is rigid and results from bony manlfunction or change. This form of Pes Planus cannot be altered by positional changes or any voluntary effort. When the foot becomes flattened not only are the muscles and ligaments affected, but the bones of the foot become shaped for a flat foot.

Pes Planus may be a condition that has no apparent symptoms such as pain, however the condition can progress. Your foot/feet are extremely important as the base of the foot is the structure that supports everything above it with associated dysfunctions such as knee, hip or back pain attributed to Pes Planus.

Signs and Symptoms of Pes Planus

  • Hypermobile joint (freely moving)
  • With existing Pes Planus overuse of the feet without adequate supports (orthotics) may progressively worsen the condition
  • Pain may or may not be present, pain is usually due to fatigue of the muscles and ligaments, mainly at the bottom of the foot. Pain may occur with regular activities or may increase
  • Pain may increase during stressing activities such as jumping, running or hiking. Pain may be felt in knee, hip or lower back as well

Treatment of Pes Planus

  • Treatment of Pes Planus depends on whether the condition is structural (permanent) or functional (temporary). If the condition is caught early and is functional (temporary) then exercises to strengthen the bottom of the foot may help somewhat correct Pes Planus
  • If heel pain exists with Pes Planus then exercises to stretch the calf muscles which may have become tight to loosen thereby causing less tension on the heel
  • If Pes Planus has developed and is permanent then a properly designed custom foot orthotic with good supporting footwear is often recommended to help correct pes planus and its associated symptoms

If you have any questions about Pes Planus contact our staff at Dynamic Physiotherapy.

Pes Planus Treatment

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