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Dynamic Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic Mississauga

Since 1996, our holistic approach to physiotherapy has strengthened the mobility skills of clients of all ages. From age-related mobility loss to chronic disorders, automobile and on-the-job accidents, to athletic injuries to post-operative rehabilitation, Dynamic Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic Inc. has helped people literally get back on their feet and moving the way they should.

If you live in Mississauga, you know that it is one of Canada’s fastest growing cities. In order to keep up with the continued expansion of your beautiful metropolis, you need to stay in shape. Keeping fit is one thing if your body is working at 100% capacity, but if you’ve suffered a serious injury after jogging in one of the area’s many parks or treating yourself to a quick swim at the Mississauga Aquatic Club, staying in shape can be a challenge.

In a city like Mississauga that offers ample recreational activities, regular physiotherapy can help put your body back on track after you’ve experienced any form of mobility loss. We offer treatments that are tailor-made to fit your recovery process, no matter what kind of injury you’ve experienced. Dynamic Physiotherapy is more than just a rehabilitation clinic, we are here to ensure that your mobility not only returns, but comes back stronger than ever.

Our expertly trained team will work with you to establish the perfect program to restore your mobility. Besides physiotherapy, we offer acupuncture, message therapy and shockwave treatments. Compression socks and foot orthotics are readily available at our clinic to give you extra protection. Likewise, we will give you the tools to not only facilitate your healing, but manage your pain as well.

We are conveniently located in Mississauga and our facilities are equipped with safe, modern equipment. The professionals that comprise our team are regulated in the Province of Ontario and are dedicated to your recovery. One of the key components to rehabilitation is trust and our team knows just how important that factor is. Establishing a rapport with your trainer is the top priority because you can’t regain your mobility if you don’t have confidence in the people helping you recuperate.

At Dynamic Physiotherapy, we specialize in areas such as:

There’s so much to do in Mississauga throughout the year that you don’t want to miss out. From the Canada Day Celebration to the amazing New Year’s Eve festivities, your social calendar is pretty packed. There’s hockey, basketball, lacrosse, football, rugby, ringette – no matter if you’re playing, or taking your kids to their practice, you will need full mobility to keep up.

At Dynamic Physiotherapy we treat a variety of conditions that plague all parts of your body such as hips, knees, joints, back, feet, neck, shoulders – if it hurts, we can fix it.

Don’t miss out on living your life in this beautiful city because of an injury.

Mississauga has too much to offer for you to stay inside and dream of the days when you had full mobility. Visit us today and have you back on your feet, pain-free, in no time.

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This depends on your individual insurance plan through your employer. Most insurance coverages cover 100% (although some cover 80% or 90%). Most plans usually have a limit per year. When you book an appointment we can help by calling your insurance to check the coverage of your plan.

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