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Post Mastectomy Rehabilitation

Why start a post mastectomy rehabilitation program? There are several clearly defined goals post mastectomy…

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Post Operative/Surgical Rehabilitation

Post Operative or Surgical Rehabilitation is tailored to the individual needs and goals of the client. Often the primary goals of post operative rehabilitation is…

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Sports Injury Rehabilitation

While many come to Dynamic seeking treatment for injuries sustained in sporting activity, sports rehabilitation can involve…

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Motor Vehicle Accident Programs

A car accident can be a traumatic painful experience. Our staff is highly trained in dealing with possible multiple injury sites. That is why everyone receives a comprehensive assessment…

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Work Hardening Programs

Work hardening programs tend to be specific to either job requirements or task requirements. Each client is baseline assessed, and a specific treatment protocol is put into place to establish…

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Exercise Programs

Depending on one’s injuries sustained we often recommend self-care exercises that can be performed at home. These exercises tend to have both a stretching and strengthening…

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Scar Tissue/Adhesion Treatment

These programs are designed to assist those whose mobility and function have diminished due to injuries, lifestyle changes or their jobs. Adhesion/scar tissue treatments tend…

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Work Injuries

Work related injuries can often be traumatic both physically and financially. If your injury occurs at work and your work has WSIB, then workplace safety and insurance board will…

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Chronic Pain Treatment

Many conditions that we see and treat on a regular basis often are chronic pain conditions. Treatment for chronic pain first begins with a comprehensive assessment to determine…

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Do I need a referral to see a health practitioner?

To see any of our health practitioners we do not require a doctor’s referral. However some services that are covered by your extended health plan may require a doctor’s referral in order to be reimbursed for expenses.

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