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Exercise Programs with Dynamic Physiotherapy

Exercise programs mean different things to many of our clients. Have you been injured, or do you suffer from a condition that restricts your mobility or is painful? Perhaps you’re just trying to get into shape and want a proper exercise program that will increase range of motion, and increase strength while stretching muscles. Knowing where to start can be a challenge, especially for those trying to set up a workout schedule. Many factors are taken into consideration when it comes to specific exercise programs such as age, fitness level, goals as well as conditions/injuries that currently restrict movements and lead to diminished strength.

Exercise Programs with Dynamic Physiotherapy

How does Dynamic Physiotherapy go about Setting up a Comprehensive Exercise Program?

To go about setting up a proper exercise program we need to know what your goals are, what your present condition is and of course a health history that may impact or limit the goals you want to achieve. An initial assessment is scheduled so that we can go through your medical history, noting any injuries or conditions that may delay reaching goals. You may just want to get into shape, and if that’s the case we can set up an exercise program that can help you meet your goals, whether that is to lose weight, get healthy and in better shape, or both.

Once we have found the baseline, health history and set goals, we can prepare an exercise program specifically targeted to the client. No matter the injury or condition we can prepare a plan for you. An exercise program will have several components and levels to it with the initial phase being in the clinic, to make sure the program is something that can be done safely and correctly. For those just requiring an exercise program for health, you may need several visits at our facility to make sure all is being done correctly. We can also tailor some exercise programs that can be done at home without the use of expensive equipment.

Contact The Experts at Dynamic Physiotherapy to Get Started on a Customized Exercise Program

Customized Exercise Program

When setting up an exercise program based around an injury or condition that has affected your strength and ability to function, these plans are also specifically set up for their respective needs. These plans are also more targeted to be done at the facility so that we can maintain safety and make sure all exercises are being done correctly. For some conditions there may be a requirement for a passive and assisted stretching and strengthening component. These require a longer plan that takes into consideration each phase of the program, as it goes from passive to a more active component. Our goal is to help you restore range of motion, mobility and functionality as well as a stretching and strengthening component.

Some exercise programs that help those recovering from injuries or conditions may be funded by your employer and possibly one’s health benefits. Our facility can directly bill most insurance companies such as Canada Life, Manulife, Greenshield, and Sunlife, just to name a few. Please note that some insurance companies may require a doctor’s referral.

If you have any questions regarding an exercise program please contact the experts at Dynamic Physiotherapy.

How often should I come in for therapy?

Each patient is evaluated on a case by case basis. Depending on the type of injury and what stage of healing a recommendation will be made to you by the treating practitioner.

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