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Motor Vehicle Accident Programs

A car accident can be a traumatic painful experience. Our staff is highly trained in dealing with possible multiple injury sites. That is why everyone receives a comprehensive assessment to determine both the number of injuries and the extent of injuries. We work closely with your doctor, insurers and you to help return you to your pre-injury level as quickly as possible. Insurance treatment plans are submitted electronically and directly to your insurance to get quick approvals. While we must work within the insurance guidelines, treatment plans are set up in a way to establish goals for each individual patient. While most claims fall within the minor injury guidelines, some fall into a more severe category called catastrophic. We can design a treatment plan specifically to your needs and at times complementary health practitioners may be recommended. If you have any questions about a Motor Vehicle Accident Program contact our staff at Dynamic Physiotherapy.

Does my insurance cover all expenses?

This depends on your individual insurance plan through your employer. Most insurance coverages cover 100% (although some cover 80% or 90%). Most plans usually have a limit per year. When you book an appointment we can help by calling your insurance to check the coverage of your plan.

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