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Post-Mastectomy Rehabilitation at Dynamic Physiotherapy

Why start a post-mastectomy rehabilitation program? There are many reasons why one should start a post mastectomy rehabilitation program, and we have come up with several clearly defined goals:

  • For the prevention of any secondary complications following surgery
  • How to safely perform specific exercises with focus on increasing arm range of motion, increasing muscle strength and postural education
  • To effectively reduce adhesion and scar tissue to fully restore range of motion.

While clearly defined goals are important, our staff is very sensitive to your individual needs. We will work with you to achieve realistic and achievable goals.

Post-Mastectomy Rehabilitation at Dynamic Physiotherapy

Treatment for Post-Mastectomy Rehabilitation may include:

  • Lymphatic Drainage to reduce excessive edema and fluid build up
  • Starting Range of Motion Exercises, which are done in conjunction to your injury. For acute Post-Mastectomy Rehabilitation we would maintain your range of motion. As the injury heals, we would start to improve range of motion exercises until we achieve the goals that are set out.
  • Strengthening Exercises
  • Massage Therapy
  • Home Exercise Program
  • Reducing fascial adhesions and scar tissue rehabilitation. Treatment may take up to several months, especially if adhesions and scar tissue have developed. With scar tissue and adhesion treatment these programs overlap and are designed to assist those whose mobility and function have diminished following surgery. Adhesions/scar tissue treatments tend to be more aggressive techniques and can be somewhat painful. These are manual techniques and are deeper treatments to help break up adhesions and scar tissues that restrict and limit not only your range of motion, but the ability to perform tasks that may be taken for granted.

We also use a modality called the Acuscope Pain Management System that can also help break up adhesions and scar tissue with little to no pain.

Scar tissues and adhesions often develop over time following surgery. The body goes through four phases of wound healing. Upon the last phase of wound repair the tissue remodels so that fibres are aligned with directions of tensile and compressive forces that are applied to tissue. At some point during the healing phase there may be abnormal wound healing, or after following surgery that pain limits movement, keeping joints and movements limited causing scar tissues to develop. Scars can become dysfunctional if they aren’t mobilized properly during the healing process. Eventually scars or adhesions develop and become more restrictive, causing reduced range of motion and in some cases pain.

Muscle Injury Tissue Progression

What do Dynamic Physiotherapy therapists do to reduce Post-Mastectomy scar tissue?

As mentioned earlier, the techniques involved to treat scar tissue and adhesions tend to be deeper and more aggressive techniques. Some of the techniques involved may be skin rolling, cupping and myofascial release, which can help reduce adhesions and scar tissue. The techniques outlined take time to have an effect, and there may be a small difference following each treatment, but in time these adhesions will help improve range of motion.

The earlier a client comes in following surgery, the less time will be required to heal. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of this program through your extended health insurance, either under physiotherapy and/or massage therapy. If you have any questions about Post Mastectomy Rehabilitation, please contact the experts at Dynamic Physiotherapy.

Are evening or Saturday appointments available?

Currently we do not have any Saturday appointments available (we are looking to add Saturday service shortly). However evening appointments are available at both locations. Either click or call and we would be happy to book an appointment for you.

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