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Post-Operative/Surgical Rehabilitation

Post-Operative/Surgical Rehabilitation

Post-Operative Rehabilitation is a post-surgical program of re-establishing joint motion, joint function, and muscle strengthening around the joint. Post-Operative rehabilitation can also be a long process. When surgery is performed it may take only a few hours, whereby rehabilitation may take many months depending on the severity of the injury. Soft tissues can take up to 12 weeks to heal and often longer when injuries are severe. Surgical repair on tissues such as ligaments and tendons take the longest as they aren’t highly vascularized, which means they don’t receive very much blood flow. This is important because blood brings about nutrition and oxygen to the cells while also removing unwanted dead cells and tissues.

Get Started on Your Post-Operative Rehabilitation With Dynamic Physiotherapy

On your initial visit we perform a comprehensive assessment that includes your medical history, including surgeries and prior attempts (if any) at therapy. Based on the outcome of the assessment, a treatment plan will be discussed and if approved, set up based on one’s individual needs and goals. The outcomes of Post-Operative rehabilitation could be improved when one comes in soon after surgery. Treatment of acute injuries can be quicker, with goals to make the healing process more successful and faster.

Often the primary goals of post-operative rehabilitation are:

  • Reducing swelling, inflammation and pain while at the same time maintaining range of motion.
  • Reducing stiffness.
  • Strengthening specific goals and muscles to help stabilize the joint.

Beyond the initial phase, the goals would be to start restoring range of motion gradually, as doing this too soon may re-injure the soft tissues. Helping to reduce stiffness and increasing the mobility of the joint goes in stages, and as the healing process continues then more focus will be set towards increasing range of motion and stabilizing the joint. This is where these types of injuries can take so long to heal. Ligaments and tendons take much longer to heal than bone and muscle. Depending on severity and especially with weight bearing joints, a brace may be recommended to help improve stability of the joint. We carry an excellent variety of braces from Bauerfeind who make premium braces for almost every joint in the body.

Post-Operative Rehabilitation With Dynamic Physiotherapy

How does Dynamic Physiotherapy Treat Post-Operative Surgical injuries?

Our facility has often used a multi-disciplinary approach to healing which may include physiotherapy, massage therapy and acupuncture. We may use several approaches to help speed up the healing process. Acupuncture may be used initially to help speed reduce inflammation swelling and pain more quickly. Massage therapy may be used to help drainage and improve blood flow to the targeted or injured area. Physiotherapy will be most effective in improving range of motion and strengthening/stabilizing the joint. All our health practitioners are Registered in the Province Of Ontario. We also offer direct billing to most insurance companies such as Canada Life, Greenshield, Sunlife and Manulife just to name a few. If you don’t see the insurance company noted please call us as there are many others we can bill direct.

If you have any questions about our Post-Operative Rehabilitation Program please contact the experts at Dynamic Physiotherapy today.

Do you take WSIB patients?

Yes, WSIB will pay for approved physiotherapy treatment for workplace injuries. Some WSIB injuries are covered for up to 12 weeks.

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