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Scar Tissue/Adhesion Treatment at Dynamic Physiotherapy

These programs are designed to assist those whose mobility and function have diminished due to injuries, lifestyle changes or their jobs. Adhesion/scar tissue treatments tend to be more aggressive techniques and can be somewhat painful. It tends to be a manual technique that involves muscle stripping, fascial stretching and friction treatments. These techniques are often deeper treatments and are needed to help break up adhesions and scar tissues that restrict and limit not only range of motion but ability to perform tasks that many take for granted. We also use a modality called The Acuscope Pain Management System that can also help break up adhesions and scar tissue with little to no pain.

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Scar Tissue/Adhesion Treatment at Dynamic Physiotherapy

Scars/Adhesions Under the Surface

We often see clients who come in with significant scar tissue from injuries and surgeries. When the body has sustained tissue damage, the wound that is created goes through several stages. The body goes through four phases of wound healing from stopping the blood, to an inflammatory phase before reaching the phase that lays down new collagen to reform the skin. In the last phase of wound repair the tissue remodels so that fibers are aligned with directions of tensile and compressive forces that are applied to tissue. At some point there may be abnormal wound healing which can result in poor function of the tissue. A scar can also become dysfunctional if it doesn’t get mobilized properly during the healing process. Over time these scars or adhesions develop and can become more restrictive causing reduced range of motion and in some cases pain.

Muscle Injury Tissue Progression

What do Dynamic Physiotherapy therapists do to affect scar tissue?

When a client comes into our facility for scar tissue and adhesion treatment, our physiotherapist goes through a comprehensive assessment to come up with a program specifically designed to treat the client. The therapist will go through your medical history, as well as any injuries or surgeries which may have initiated the scars. There may be several types of treatments that we can use to help increase range of motion of tissues as well as reducing scars. We use a modality called The Acuscope Pain Management System which can reduce the scars over time. With techniques such as skin rolling, cupping, and myofascial release, we can help reduce adhesions and improve scars. All these techniques help to improve blood flow to the area which aids in the healing process.

Depending on the scar tissue/adhesions, it is difficult to predict how many treatments may be necessary. After each treatment you may notice a small difference in the level of the adhesion to a reduction of scar tissue. Over time, these small improvements lead to an increased level of mobility as well the feeling of restriction. The earlier a client can come in will make a difference in the outcomes. Most scar/adhesion treatments can be covered by your extended health insurance through either physiotherapy and/or massage therapy. Our facility is also E-Claims Enabled which allows us to directly bill most insurance companies saving you possible out of pocket expenses. For more information on scar tissue adhesion contact the experts at Dynamic Physiotherapy.

Do you take WSIB patients?

Yes, WSIB will pay for approved physiotherapy treatment for workplace injuries. Some WSIB injuries are covered for up to 12 weeks.

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