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Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Are you a weekend athlete, or in a competitive environment where winning is the only thing that matters? Here at Dynamic Physiotherapy, we take your Sports Injury Rehab seriously. We understand that you want to take that extra step, and want to get back into the game. Physiotherapists understand your goals, and work to develop a program to facilitate your goals. Whether your injury is minor or severe, let our health professionals work with you to get fast and effective results.

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Every client that comes in for Sports Injury Rehabilitation is assessed, and a comprehensive treatment plan is put into place to speed up the healing process, while maintaining and improving your performance throughout. Sports Injury Rehabilitation is a safe and therapeutic approach that helps athletes effectively treat pain and achieve optimal performance with:

  • Reducing pain and inflammation while maintaining and improving range of motion.
  • Education to avoid recurring injuries while stabilizing the injury area.
  • Targeted exercises to help you return to your pre-injury levels.
  • Setting goals to achieve peak performance.

What Conditions Does Sports Injury Rehabilitation Treat?

Sports Injury Rehabilitation treats a wide variety of conditions related to sports injuries such as:

Our Sports Injury Rehabilitation will also greatly benefit those who have had Post-Operative Injuries, Meniscus Tears, Tendinitis and Bursitis, as well as acute and chronic Musculoskeletal Injuries.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation at Dynamic Physiotherapy

How Does Dynamic Physiotherapy’s Sports Injury Rehabilitation Program Work?

Sports Injury Rehabilitation is a multi-disciplinary approach that may include physiotherapy, massage therapy and acupuncture with the goal of prevention, evaluation and treatment of injuries/conditions.

The initial step towards recovery and your goals is to get an accurate assessment. At our Mississauga the physiotherapist has over 25 years experience as a Registered Physiotherapist. There is a step by step approach to promoting quick recovery from a sports injury.

Approaches will vary depending on the injury either being acute (very recent) to chronic (more than 3 months). We highly recommend that as soon as an injury is sustained, come in for treatment. Treatment for an acute injury will initially focus on reducing swelling, inflammation and pain. Once the pain and swelling are reduced then we specifically target goals such as range of motion, mobility, coordination and balance. Acute injuries can be treated much more quickly than chronic type injuries.

Chronic injuries usually take more time to correct as many injuries have scar tissue formation and limited range of motion. Depending on the type of injury we may recommend something more aggressive in nature such as Shockwave therapy, which can help immediately reduce pain and improve mobility while stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanism. Our team of therapists have seen a wide variety of sports injuries that we are familiar with in assessing and treating these conditions/injuries.

For more information on Sports Injury Rehabilitation please contact our staff at Dynamic Physiotherapy today.

Do you take WSIB patients?

Yes, WSIB will pay for approved physiotherapy treatment for workplace injuries. Some WSIB injuries are covered for up to 12 weeks.

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