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Work Injuries and Work Injury Rehabilitation

Work related injuries can often be traumatic, both physically and financially. If your injury occurred at work, you may qualify with the WSIB, or Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, to cover both costs of treatment as well as loss of wages. However, many are self-employed and a work injury can be financially devastating. Our programs are designed to make your recovery a speedy one, to return to work quickly as well as limit the financial loss.

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Work Injuries and Work Injury Rehabilitation

Dynamic Physiotherapy is here to help with specific programs designed to help you rehabilitate from your workplace injuries and other common injury related conditions. When you schedule your first visit with us we have you fill out an intake form. Upon assessing each client we go through your medical history, which takes into consideration any accidents or conditions which may restrict or impair your recovery. The initial assessment by our Staff Physiotherapist is thorough based on the initial assessment a Rehabilitation or Treatment plan can be discussed and implemented. Once an initial plan is implemented we can start your plan which may include:

  • Physical Modalities to help reduce inflammation, swelling and pain
  • An exercise program to retain and improve range of motion and increasing strength as required
  • Education component to reduce the risk of re-injury

How to Proceed with Work Injury Rehabilitation?

When it comes to Workplace injuries you must first contact your employer about your injury. Once an initial claim has been set up, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board assesses the claim and once approved will fund your physiotherapy and health rehabilitation process. From there all you need to do is call us and we can set up your initial assessment.

What Injuries does Dynamic Physiotherapy treat under our Work Injuries Rehabilitation Program?

Our physiotherapist is registered and trained to practise in Ontario and can treat the following conditions or injuries:

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Work Injury Rehabilitation

There are other conditions and injuries that we do treat as part of our Work Injury Rehabilitation Program. If you don’t see your condition or injury listed, please contact us. Whatever the condition or injury that you have, our facility is up to the challenge of getting you back on track.

Our staff is adept at handling Work Rehabilitation Program claims, which include initial and subsequent reporting to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, as well as billing them directly.

Our Workplace Rehabilitation Program is designed to help make your recovery process quick so that you can return to work quickly and limit financial loss. Workplace Programs that promote quick recovery are often more successful when the client attends regularly and is motivated.

If you have any questions about our Work Injuries Rehabilitation Program or are unsure if the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board will cover your program, please contact the experts at Dynamic Physiotherapy today.

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