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Massage Therapy
Massage therapy is a regulated Health Profession in Ontario and Massage Therapy
should only be performed by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). RMTs are primary healthcare providers in Ontario.
Massage therapy is a physical treatment which involves the use of pressure, movement,
and vibration on the body to relieve tension and promote healing. It can be performed manually – using the fingers, hands, knees, forearms, elbows, or feet – or with the use of mechanical aids and massage devices. Used to promote relaxation and a sense of well-being, massage therapy affects the muscular, nervous, and circulatory systems in order to optimize the health of the whole body.

Often used in conjunction with other forms of physical therapy, massage can help to develop, improve, and maintain a patient’s physical function while relieving and preventing pain. There are many benefits to massage therapy including chronic pain relief and reduced depression or anxiety.

Treatments generally last from 30-60 minutes depending on the condition and area affected and many conditions have been shown to respond to a single treatment. Multiple treatments can be more effective for chronic conditions and mental health issues including trait anxiety (a patient’s susceptibility to anxiety) and subclinical depression.

Through massage we can:

  • Relieve or reduce the symptoms of headaches and migraines
  • Relieve pain from sports injuries
  • Treat ligament or tendon problems including tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, and RSI
  • Relieve neck pain or whiplash
  • Reduce muscle stiffness, aches, and tension
  • Ease lower back problems and shoulder pain or stiffness
  • Treat hip, pelvic, and leg pain or dysfunction
  • Reducing or Eliminating Pain
  • Improving Joint Mobility
  • Improving Lymphatic Drainage
  • Massage Therapy can be used for the treatment of both acute & chronic conditions.

For more information on how a customized program including massage can help you recover from your injury, talk to the experts at Dynamic Physiotherapy today!


Massage therapy can be used to treat patients of any age and medical condition, bringing a sense of wellbeing and relaxation to their treatment program. By providing a temporary relief of anxiety, massage therapy is a great way to improve the mood of patients, increasing the effectiveness of other treatments. By offering our patients a broader range of services than what they might expect from a physiotherapy clinic, our staff of dedicated health professionals have the experience and skill to create a customized program fully tailored to your rehabilitation needs.

Massage Therapy can also be used as part of a preventative care program. This can
include sports training, injury prevention, ongoing stress management, and more.
Together we can develop a treatment plan based on your needs. The treatment plan
can be changed at any time and you have no obligation to undergo any part of treatment.

How Is Massage Therapy Paid For?

How-Is-Massage-TherapyMost progressive extended health insurance plans cover massage therapy treatments when provided by a Registered Massage Therapist. Most health insurance plans do not require a physician’s referral for treatments, although a few may still have this requirement. Some health insurance plans will cover Massage Therapy by direct billing although some plans require that the covered individual pay for the treatment and submit the expense for reimbursement. If you do not have an extended health insurance plan you can by debit or credit card. For more information on how a customized program including massage can help you recover from your injury, talk to the experts at Dynamic Physiotherapy today!

Some Helpful Questions & Answers About Massage Therapists in Mississauga

What Are The Benefits of Massage Therapy?

Some benefits of massage therapy are improved circulation, muscle relaxation & flexibility, reduced stress, relaxation, eases muscle pain and can help boost immunity

How Soon Will I See Results from Massage Therapy?

Depending on your condition or injury, the benefits of massage therapy can often be felt after the first treatment. For more chronic tightness and related injuries, additional treatments are usually required.

Do You Use Massage Therapy To Help People With Chronic Pain?

Dynamic Physiotherapy often uses Massage Therapy to treat clients with chronic pain, which can help reduce swelling, inflammation and pain. It can also reduce stress, increase relaxation and ease muscle pain.

What Should I Expect From My First Massage Therapy Visit at Dynamic Physiotherapy?

During your first visit to Dynamic Physiotherapy, you’ll fill in an intake history form. Following that, we ask questions, palpate areas to help determine injury/condition and if approval is given and there are no contraindications we could start massage immediately.

Do Massage Therapists Use Different Techniques?

Many massage therapists use different techniques that they feel more comfortable with. However, at Dynamic Physiotherapy we focus on a rapid, healthy recovery, so injuries and conditions are treated with the most effective techniques to help speed up the healing process.

Our other specialties include:

  • Physiotherapy – Improve muscle mobility, increase movement and facilitate rehabilitation
  • Acupuncture – Alleviates or reduces chronic pain symptoms
  • Compression Socks – Prevent and reduce symptoms of venous disorders in the lower extremities
  • Foot Orthotics – Create custom support orthotics for your feet
  • Shockwave Therapy – Treat disorders relating to major connective tissues

For more information on our massage therapy services, please contact the experts at Dynamic Physiotherapy at 905-273-5433.

What services are offered?

We currently offer Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Shockwave Therapy (Mississauga), Custom Made Foot Orthotics, and Compression Stocking/Hosiery/Socks. We also sell back supports, Theraband, Reusable Hot and Cold Packs, TENS machines, exercise balls and Orthopedic Pillows.

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